Learn All Winter, Shine All Summer.


Learn how to take the photographs that you always hoped you could take.

Cameras are complicated. You bought one with hopes of taking your photo game to the next level but the endless settings, menus, dialogues, and modes stopped you from getting there.

Cameras aren't easy to operate or understand. You could go down the YouTube rabbit hole and get stuck watching hours and hours of content that doesn't apply to you, where important concepts are missing, and you're lead to more and more frustration. 

That's why my workshops are so good. They're so comprehensive they make doves cry. A few good hours with me is all you'll need to finally take the photographs that you imagined you could take when you first took your camera home. 


About the photographer.

I've been a photographer for almost a decade. I've worked with the some of the most phenomenal people. People that have shown in Vancouver Fashion Week, and models who went on to model for Mecca Maxima and Vogue. 

I've shot fashion, editorial, landscapes, family portraits, and I've travelled with my camera more times than I count. 

In my workshops I use plain English. I break apart photographic concepts into something that you can easily understand and comprehend. 

You'll walk away from a workshop with me understanding more than you ever have in just mere hours.


What exactly will I be learning?

Not only will I be teaching you everything you need to know about your camera, but I'll angle it so all that everything you learn relates to the images that you dream of taking. 

The workshops come in three flavours:


The Essentials. 

The Essentials is a sit down session in a place of your choosing. 

In the first hour we'll cover:

- Shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance.

- How different lenses affect your camera and images.

- How your camera affects your lenses.

- Composition and lens compression.

And in the second hour we'll cover:

- How your favourite images are made.

- And how to achieve those images using everything you've just learned.

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The Walk and The Talk.

The Walk and The Talk adds a third hour to The Essentials.

In the third hour we'll take all that information you've just learned and apply it in real world scenarios by going on a one hour long photo walk together.

I'll guide you through it all.

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The Comprehensive. 

The Comprehensive is everything that you'll get with The Walk and The Talk, plus a photo session of your choosing. 

I'll be there to personally guide you on your very own photo shoot.

This could be taking photographs of landscapes, of your family, or of food for your restaurant.

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By quote.


Don't just take my word for it.

"Sam is extremely knowledgeable in photography and was such a massive help in showing me how to properly work my camera. He is very thorough, I didn't walk away feeling overwhelmed.

He answered all of my questions and gave me great advice that will help me with my specific photography needs."

- Jacklyne Leigh, Makeup Artist.


4 Fortnights, 4 Equal Payments. 

Workshops are expensive and their cost can seem super daunting.

I want these workshops to be accessible to everyone, that's why I found a way to offer an Afterpay-like experience with these workshops. 

It's a payment plan and it works exactly the same, 4 equal payments, over 4 fortnights. 

There's a 20 AUD deposit and the remainder is split 4 ways. 



Touch here. Book fearlessly.

Workshops that are too good and

too true are just one click away.

Money only changes hands after we've talked through all the details. 



"This sounds like something I'd really love to do but I need a bit more time."


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