Photographic Tutoring.

Over Coffee.


A different kind of tutor.

Over Coffee is a different kind of photographic tutoring. 

It's personalised, it's taught by a photographer with half a decade's experience behind the camera.

I can help you understand what every button means, what every mode is, and most importantly, how to take the best, most consistent photographs you've ever taken. I'll even make you your own little guide to photography and your camera. You get to take that home with you at no additional cost.

Over Coffee is single session, meaning that the service is designed to give you all the tools you need to create great photographs without the commitment of weeks and weeks of classes. We'll sit down for just an hour and a half at your favourite café, and I'll teach you the theory in a way that's so easy to understand.



You tell me what kind of camera you're using, and I'll tell you exact how it works.

I'll write you a guide for it and every other kind of camera you could own in the future.

The best part about learning the fundamental skills of photography is that they're universally applicable.


Grass roots.

Over Coffee is for beginner and intermediate photographers.​ It's service that really focusing on nailing the basics, I believe it's a service that many people want but hasn't existed until this moment.

It's designed to be one-on-one, it's personal. I'm asking you to take me to your favourite café for the lesson. This means that not only are you comfortable, but the coffee lover in me gets to try coffee from all over the city. 

I'll teach you about creative exposure, how to operate your camera, and how to think critically about capturing a photograph.

You get to ask all the questions that you've ever wanted to ask, that's what's so special about it. I want you to succeed with flying colours, I want you to learn so much.


How it all works.

Step 1 - It's your choice.

Choose a time and a café that works for you. I want to see your favourite café.

Step 2 - I'll do the heavy lifting.

I'll get in touch with you and confirm details. I'll write a little guide for you to keep.

Step 3 - Learn.

We'll meet for the session you'll get to ask every question you've ever needed answered. You'll learn everything you need to take great photographs.


Don't just take my word for it.

Sam is extremely knowledgeable in photography and was such a massive help in showing me how to properly work my camera. He is very thorough, I didn't walk away feeling overwhelmed.

He answered all of my questions and gave me great advice that will help me with my specific photography needs.

- Jacklyne Leigh


Find a time that works for you.

Over Coffee for one. - $180 over 1.5 hours.

Book now.

You might want to share the session with someone you love,

Over Coffee for two. - $220 over 2 hours.

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