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Welcome to the website that I built to show you what I’m capable of doing as part of your team. I’m a digital designer specialising in UX and web design looking for an opportunity in Sydney to work and learn in the design industry.


Design Ethos

I believe that good design just works. It’s invisible to the end user and it’s moulded with intention. Digital was founded on the idea that technology should work harder than the end user. The interface between the service and the end user should always work to be invisible.

Technical Skills

Adobe XD

Used in conjunction with Procreate to draft, wireframe and prototype design models. This very website was prototyped within it and built up into high fidelity to shorten the gap between the model and the web build within Webflow.


Every website that I’ve completed in the last 2 years has been built within Webflow. Each build follows the conventions of HTML and CSS, leading to fast site loads, killer SEO rankings and favourable performance in ad campaigns.

Adobe After Effects

Leveraging my experience with After Effects, I create high fidelity mockups of the end user experience of a design. After Effects allows me to test and prototype the instinctual flow of a website.

Adobe Photoshop

For 7 years before I delved into the world of design, I worked as a fashion and editorial photographer. Photoshop became as important to my work as my camera. I’ve spent many, many hours tweaking, experimenting and mastering form, colour, and visual style.

Google Suite

Leveraging my deep knowledge of the Google Suite, and specifically Sheets, I've automated major components of my freelance business and in complex Zapier driven automation projects.


For the past year, I have worked with a local business to completely automate their onboarding process. This project consisted of 32 different automations that leveraged the GSuite, Mailchimp, Slack and Xero.

Cinema 4D

I am currently taking online courses and classes to learn Cinema 4D and 3D applications as a new way to create experiences for the end user. With the increasing power of prosumer devices, applications like Cinema 4D only become more accessible as a graphic design tool.
Good design
is a process,
Here's mine.

The Process


Define the Problem

To solve a problem, we first need to understand it. We have to define what the problem is, and why we’re solving it. We need to ask who is facing the problem and what are their needs and frustrations? Once we determine this, we can start getting to work.


After I’ve defined the problem, I move onto industry research. I determine where the client stands in the current market, and where we can take them. I build out rough concepts, then mood boards to test the validity of an idea.


Once I have an agreed upon direction, I start building out wireframes and high fidelity prototypes in Adobe XD. I then animate these prototypes in After Effects to give the client a real sense of what the end product will look and feel like.

Build and Deployment

Now it’s time to build the website within Webflow. Starting with the homepage, I get a feel for what can be improved and upon completion, seek approval from the client. I then work to complete the site and deploy within budget.

Some Work ofNote

Find Your Treatment

The Problem

Often in the medical space, websites provide a cluttered and disorganised experience for the end user. Customers have a much harder time matching their symptoms to a treatment, and often staff members of the clinic have to step in to guide them.

The Solution

I built the client a guided experience for their customers that bundled symptoms and treatments into three neat categories, and presented just one question at a time. Big buttons and easy to read text makes it much easier for this business’ target demographic of late aged people to navigate this website with confidence.

Napco Property

The Problem

Napco only had an in-person business presence and nowhere that he could send potential buyers of his townhouses to reference and build trust in his company’s work. There was a limited budget, so we had to build fast and design smart to keep the project on track.

The Solution

I drew inspiration from minimalist editorial magazines who make the most of limited budgets. I focused in on elegant font selection, hierarchy and image placement to give a sense of upmarket quality and trust.


The Problem

AYA is a musical artist that came to me looking for a simple website with a whole lot of energy. She had a limited budget and could only afford a page or two, but she needed them to be sleek and to really set her apart from her counterparts.

The Solution

AYA has an incredibly strong sense of imagery that accompanies her work, so I took full advantage and blew every image up to take up the most screen real estate possible. I leaned further into the big, editorial nature of the site by putting together animations that made it feel like the images were peeling from one to the next.

In case you
were curious,

Some imagery
from a past life.


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This website was made from scratch,
for you.

No templates, no Squarespace, and no outsourcing in just 5 days from sketch to prototype to deployment.

Thank you for taking the time.

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